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Newsprint prices slashed in the

UK at the beginning of 2015

The die has been cast on the British newsprint market: buyers and sellers typically agreed on new prices for the first six months of this year back in December. Falling consumption and the ground gained by the pound Sterling against the euro sent... more

EUWID Price Review UK full year 2014


EUWID Price Watch UK

January 2015


Recovered Paper Germany

January 2015


Germany’s RCP market gets off to a quiet start

The German recovered paper market got off to a relatively quiet start at the beginning of the new year. After strong price fluctuations in the final two months of 2014, price movements turned out to be comparatively moderate in January. The... more

Inventories and consumption of pulp consumers in Europe

December 2014


Hardwood pulp market more settled

than NBSK as the New Year gets under way

The European softwood pulp market weakened a little in January. Lower prices in China and North America, the drop in the euro and paper mills’ slimmer margins were putting manufacturers of northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp under... more

Solid start to the new year for Germany’s

envelope and shipping bag paper market

Manufacturers of envelope and shipping bag paper report a positive start to the new business year in Germany. Load rates are back to normal again after the situation in the fourth quarter was not satisfactory throughout the industry, reports say.... more

EUWID Price Watch Germany envelope and shipping bag paper

in 2014


Arctic Paper Mochenwangen starts

production of food packaging paper

Arctic Paper changed its paper production at the Mochenwangen plant. Pursuing the strategy to use the mill’s capacities primarily to manufacture specialty grades, the company has now started production of food packaging paper grades, which is... more