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British newsprint prices feeling

the pinch in the month of June

A large number of producers and buyers of newsprint in the UK wrapped up their price negotiations for second-half contracts relatively early on again. The market appears to have turned to give buyers the upper hand: the sides have agreed on... more

UK: production and deliveries

March 2014


EUWID Price Watch UK

June 2014


EUWID Price Review UK

Second quarter 2014


Swiss packaging industry reports

business slowdown in 2013

The Swiss packaging industry saw a renewed slowdown in business in 2013, reports Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI), the Berne-based umbrella organisation for some 230 companies in the country. Sales for the year stood at SFR6.4bn, 1.5% lower than... more

Germany: newsprint manufacturers

plan to take temporary downtime

In view of the summer slump in newsprint business, which printing companies describe as “early and widespread”, newsprint manufacturers are planning to take temporary downtime. Norske Skog already announced in April that it will switch off its... more

EUWID Price Watch Germany

June 2014


Newspaper audiences on the rise due to

combination of print and digital products

It might come as a surprise but newspapers seem to be increasing their audiences. Thanks to the growing popularity of digital news products as well as a sound development of printed newspapers in growth markets such as Asia, South America as well... more

Germany: solid board

packaging sales grow in 2013

In 2013 a total of 475,000 t of solid cardboard boxes with a production value of €488.5m were manufactured. The German solid board packaging association (VVK) commented in early June that this meant sales had grown by 0.8% last year compared to... more

Sonoco-Alcore wins patent

litigation case in Germany

Patent litigation pending between Sonoco-Alcore Sarl and Paul & Co., a subsidiary of the Kunert group, has been decided in favour of Sonoco. The company reported that a final and non-appealable decision on the German portion of Sonoco’s European... more