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Recycled containerboard and fine paper

producers want to charge more in France

Many of France’s paper and board markets were in holiday mode in August, as expected, with the customary levels of business and downtime reported. Demand for corrugated case material remained relatively lively, leading manufacturers to... more

EUWID Price Watch France - August 2015


Panic buying fuels demand for

fine paper on the market in Germany

Uncoated paper might become scarce in the coming weeks in Germany. Industry representatives speak of panic buying for deliveries in September and well-filled order books for October. In conjunction with rising export rates, the buying activity... more

European Graphic Paper Statistics


EUWID Price Watch Germany - August 2015


Hardwood pulp prices rise again in August

while softwood grades continue to weaken

There were no major changes in the general trend on the pulp market in August in comparison to the previous month. Prices for hardwood pulp grades continued to rise, while softwood pulp saw further slight price mark-downs.

The market... more

EUWID Price Watch Pulp


India’s paper industry

continues to raise production

India’s paper industry once again raised its production of paper, board and newsprint significantly in the 2013/2014 financial year (April 1 to March 31). According to statistics compiled by the Indian Paper Manufacturers Association... more

Delayed commissioning

of Sappi’s Gratkorn pulp mill

Sulphite pulp mill Sappi Austria Gratkorn has recently only produced at a reduced level over a period of roughly six weeks. The reasons for this were technical difficulties in liquor preparation which emerged following conclusion of the... more

Metsä Board stops first fine paper machine at

Husum mill in October, revamp of PM 8 completed

Metsä Board’s project to turn the Swedish Husum mill from a graphic paper mill into a packaging paper and board mill is in full swing. Along with its results for the first half of the year, the company published a detailed timetable... more