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Fine coated and uncoated paper prices head

in opposite directions in the United Kingdom

The British woodfree coated and uncoated paper sectors are tending to experience contrasting pricing trends at present. While the uncoated paper market continues to be shaped by pressure on prices and small price cuts, the first mark-ups have... more

EUWID Price Watch UK

October 2014


Stocks of woodpulp in European ports

September 2013 - September 2014


Inventories and consumption of pulp consumers in Europe

September 2014


European paper mills consume

more pulp in September

European paper mills increased their pulp consumption considerably in September. The latest Utipulp statistics show that European paper mills have consumed a total of 975,000 t of pulp in September, 145,000 t more than in the previous month (Aug.... more

No major price fluctuations on Germany’s

recovered paper market in October

The German recovered paper market was largely quiet during the summer months and also showed no major change in the first weeks of October. “Not many price discussions have been held”, a recovered paper merchant reports. Other EUWID... more

Recovered Paper Germany

October 2014


WAN-Ifra shows no clear trend for

Germany’s newsprint contract terms in 2015

Producers of newsprint were cautious when it came to revealing their plans for next year’s delivery conditions at the WAN-Ifra newspaper exhibition that took place last week. Although this event is usually the occasion where the first signals... more

EUWID Price Review Germany

Third quarter 2014


Capitalmind says French paper industry

needs innovation and consolidation

Macroeconomic developments and structural changes have taken their toll on the French paper industry in recent years. Many small paper mills were forced to close down or file for insolvency because of unsatisfactory order levels. Major... more