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French ordinary recovered paper prices

softened a little in the month of October

A few types of ordinary recovered paper cost a little less in France in October. Unlike their neighbours in Germany where prices were more stable, buyers in France were able to negotiate price cuts of up to €10/t, not least because of relatively... more

EUWID Price Watch France October 2014


German market for uncoated fine paper

still feeling effects of summer lull

Producers of uncoated fine paper appear to be generally satisfied with how demand has developed in 2014. Nevertheless, the summer slowdown this year was very pronounced and its effects are still being felt. In light of this, it comes as no... more

Germany: production, deliveries and consumption by main grades


Demand for decor paper behind expectations

The revival in demand for decor paper that was expected to happen after the summer holidays has yet to materialise. A variety of decor paper producers said that order intake and sales did not strengthen as much as expected in October, either.... more

Currency effects thwart price hike

plans on the pulp market

Implementing the second phase of the hike for northern bleached softwood kraft pulp is proving to be more difficult than expected. Manufacturers report unbroken, excellent demand. Order books are said to be full and there are reportedly no... more

EUWID Price Watch Pulp


Pulp and paper production in

Russia rises in first half

Russian paper industry association Bumprom has identified a sustained deceleration in economic growth in the whole of Russia in the first half of 2014. Russia’s membership in the WTO is said to have not yet had any noticeable effect on the pace... more

Fedrigoni scraps IPO as

market conditions deteriorate

Fedrigoni has scrapped its plans to go public on the Star segment of the Borsa italiana stock exchange in Milan. On 23 October, the last day for subscription of Fedrigoni-shares, the Verona-based paper manufacturer and the Fedrigoni-family owned... more

ICT Group orders new tissue line for

Polish plant and eyes expansion in Spain

Italian tissue products manufacturer Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti (ICT) announced plans to expand its production facilities not only in Poland but possibly also in Spain. Both projects provide for the installation of a new tissue line in addition... more