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Manufacturers charging more for GD board

and coreboard on the Italian market

Buyers and sellers are sitting at the negotiating table to discuss possible price increases in many sectors of Italy’s paper and board market. In the light of rising recovered paper prices – mass grades having become up to... more

EUWID Price Review Italy Second quarter 2015


EUWID Price Watch Italy June 2015


Italy: production, imports, exports and consumption

January - March 2015


EUWID Price Watch Italy Coreboard

Second quarter 2015


Bulgaria: production, imports, exports and consumption

January - March 2015


Italian corrugated board sector shows

2% growth in 2014, reports GIFCO

Italy’s producers of corrugated board and corrugated board packaging that are represented by Gruppo Italiano Fabbricanti Cartone Ondulato (GIFCO) regard their past financial year as a good one. The sector recorded a 2% rise in production... more

Negotiations resume on the German market

for recycled corrugated case material

After just a very brief pause, manufacturers of recycled corrugated case material and the corrugated industry in Germany resumed their price negotiations during June. At the end of the month, it appeared that an initial step of €20-30/t as... more

IVL study on environmental impact

of paper and plastic packaging

The central question in the never-ending battle between packaging made from paper and board on the one hand and plastic packaging on the other is: Which material is more environmentally friendly? A new study undertaken by the Swedish... more

Starch market: suppliers push for

higher prices for native cereal starches

Market insiders report that talks on terms and conditions for Q3 2015 have progressed to an advanced stage. While hardly any movement has been possible in the case of potato starch, cereal starch suppliers have been making a firm push for... more