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No summer lull seen so far this year for

cartonboard and cartons in Germany

In Germany, there is no significant summer lull being seen this year in the cartonboard segment. Activity levels have been good since the beginning of the year and machine capacity is well utilised. There has been no price movement so far and... more

EUWID Price Watch Germany Label Paper

Second quarter 2014


France: newsprint and magazine

paper prices heading lower mid-year

The tide has now turned for French publication paper prices, as had looked likely in recent weeks and months. Another downturn in consumption and comparatively high prices in France meant that manufacturers had to grant their customers discounts... more

EUWID Price Review France Second quarter 2014


EUWID Price Watch France July 2014


Producers continue to cut fine paper

and publication paper capacity in Europe

In view of the still shrinking markets, fine and publication paper production capacity has continued to decrease this year. German paper producer Scheufelen recently announced to close down its PM 6 (160,000 tpy of woodfree coated paper) at the... more

SCA and Vinda amalgamating tissue businesses in China

After SCA Group became the majority owner of Chinese tissue manufacturer Vinda International Holdings Limited (Vinda) at the end of 2013, the Swedish group is now striving to integrate its hygiene paper business with Vinda’s operations. The two... more

Rottneros’ results up on lower

costs and higher pulp prices

Rottneros has emerged from the red. After posting an operating loss of SEK22m and a net loss of SEK24m in the first half of 2013, the company’s operating and net result in the first six months of this year were positive at SEK53m and SEK39m. In... more

Portucel delivers more but

posts lower results in first half

Portuguese pulp and paper manufacturer Portucel has closed the first half of the year 2014 with lower results despite an increase in deliveries. The company’s operating profit and net result were down by 10% and 7.3% year-o-year to €112.3m and... more

SCA’s profit up 41% in the first half of 2014

Higher sales, profits and margins characterise the first half of the year for Swedish papermaker SCA. The positive figures are mainly due to the good performance of the Forest Products and Tissue business units – the latter being SCA’s... more