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Germany: Magazine paper producers forced

to grant price concessions

After the negotiating partners failed to reach agreement in the talks on German magazine paper prices in July, they had to “get down to brass tacks” in August. It is now evident that, in light of the overcapacities, manufacturers were unable... more

The leading fine paper manufacturers in Europe


Prices of coloured letters and multi printing

in German RCP market stay high in August

In the first half of August, the German recovered paper market was seasonally quiet. School holidays have now started in all of Germany and collection volumes are receding. Collection volumes have reportedly dropped markedly in Northern Germany,... more

Recovered Paper Germany


Far East Export Prices for

Recovered Paper in Germany


Bumprom: Russian paper sector stagnates in 2013

Last year the Russian pulp and paper industry fell short of the previous year’s production volume by 1.1%. In view of this decrease, the Bumprom paper association expresses surprisingly harsh criticism that is also directed against Moscow’s... more

Hardwood pulp manufacturers at their limits

There are more and more signs that suppliers of hardwood pulp have reached the limit of what they can bear and that the price erosion of the last weeks will soon hit the lowest point so far. The rate at which prices are falling has recently... more

Brazil: value of pulp, paper and board exports by destination


Brazil: production, domestic deliveries, exports, imports and apparent consumption


Double A restarts recycled paper production in Alizay

Double A is continuing the recovery process at the French Alizay mill. After one year of activity at the site the Thai pulp and paper manufacturer has started to produce recycled paper in Alizay again. The company announced in August that... more