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Producers expect prices of brown recycled

CCM in the UK to increase in September

With a slight delay compared to the continental markets, manufacturers are attempting to introduce a hike in prices of recycled corrugated case material in the UK as well. A few negotiations were still underway at the end of August, but many... more

EUWID Price Watch UK August 2014


British consumers prefer paper

and board for packing fresh food

More than half of Britain’s consumers prefer paper-based packaging when purchasing fresh produce in supermarkets. This is one of the results of a new study conducted by YouGov, a British market and opinion research institute, on behalf of the... more

Prices for TMP woodchips stable in western Germany

In the negotiations underway until mid-July on deliveries in the third quarter of 2014, a western German converter of TMP woodchips came to an agreement with his suppliers to roll over the contractual prices of €100/t a.d. ex works plus/minus... more

France: brown recycled corrugated case

material becomes more expensive in August

In France, prices for brown recycled corrugated case material saw a reversal in fortunes in August, edging higher in the middle of the month. Manufacturers came nowhere close to raising prices by as much as they had hoped, but managed to put an... more

France: pulp and paper production


EUWID Price Watch France August 2014


Kraftliner suppliers confident of

implementing price hikes in Germany soon

High demand and scheduled maintenance downtime have recently reduced available supply of unbleached kraftliner in Germany. Suppliers say they can no longer cater to sudden spikes in demand. In view of this situation, they are certain they will... more

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