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UK: Publication paper manufacturers

trying to resist price pressure

Manufacturers supplying to the UK publication paper market are trying to resist pressure from buyers in the current negotiation on prices from 1 January. Despite the imminent closure of significant capacities, also in the UK, customers are... more

EUWID Price Watch UK December 2014


Italy: Coreboard manufacturers put finishing

touches to mark-ups in the fourth quarter

Coreboard manufacturers succeeded in their attempts to charge more for their products in Italy in the last three months of the year, although they did not tack on as much as many of them had hoped. Woodfree coated paper producers had also raised... more

EUWID Price Watch Italy December 2014


EUWID Price Watch Italy coreboard

in 2014


France: Capacity closures offer almost no

relief from price pressure on publication paper

While participants in many of the French paper and board markets in December are preparing for the holiday season and business is starting to level off from the middle of the month, the market for publication paper is in the midst of negotiations... more

EUWID Price Watch France December 2014


Germany’s packaging paper and board

segments are in good shape in December

Newsprint producers supplying the German market have not yet reached any agreement on delivery terms for 2015. No contracts are expected to be concluded in the coming weeks either. Publishers are exerting heavy pressure on prices in spite of... more

EUWID Price Watch Germany December 2014


EUWID Price Watch Germany sack kraft paper

in 2014