GC suppliers willing to compromise on pricing next year in Germany

06 Dec 2016 − The new folding boxboard capacities are having a noticeable impact and causing producers to be more willing to compromise on next year's pricing in Germany.» more


Graphic paper prices under pressure in Poland

06 Dec 2016 − Amid shrinking demand for woodfree coated papers in Poland, prices have eroded month on month in the second half of the year.» more

Schumacher Packaging to spend €100m on
recycled containerboard capacity expansion in Poland

05 Dec 2016 − Schumacher Packaging has acquired the entire Fabryka Papieru Myszków site and will rebuild the former newsprint PM to recycled containerboard production, startup scheduled for 2019. » more

International Paper finalises acquisition of Weyerhaeuser's Cellulose Fibers business

02 Dec 2016 − International Paper (IP) expects annual synergies of approximately $175m by the end of 2018; puts one-time costs at $85m. » more

Titanium dioxide prices continue their upward spiral

01 Dec 2016 − Titanium dioxide manufacturers are pushing for additional price hikes for deliveries in the first quarter of 2017, due to inflationary pressures associated with raw material costs. » more


Producers aim for SC paper price hike in France

30 Nov 2016 − SC paper might become a little more expensive in France if producers get their way. Good demand and capacity closures in Europe could support their plans.» more

Italy: brown recycled containerboard prices continue on a downward spiral in November

29 Nov 2016 − With sales prices going down and recovered paper price remaining high in November, paper mills are becoming more and more worried about their profitability.» more

No production stop at Wepa's tissue mill in Cassino

29 Nov 2016 − The company denies press reports of tissue production being halted at the Cassino site following the accident on 18 November.» more