BPI acquires 45% share in Delion France

07 Oct 2015 − State bank to assist in funding the restart of recycled pulp production» more


Recycled containerboard prices in Poland rise again

06 Oct 2015 − In contrast to developments on other European markets, recycled containerboard prices in Poland have increased during the latest price round. » more

Woodfree coated paper prices on the rise in Germany

30 Sep 2015 − The increase in woodfree coated sheet prices follows on the heels of price hikes for coated reels in Germany.» more

Heinzel Group: no production on fire-hit PM 10 at Laakirchen mill in October

30 Sep 2015 − Customers of Heinzel Paper will be informed about potential delays in SC paper deliveries or other changes.» more

Prices for ordinary RCP grades
point down in France and Italy

29 Sep 2015 − Slower export business to Asia puts downward pressure on domestic prices for mixed paper and board and OCC. » more


Fire hits Heinzel's paper mill in Laakirchen

25 Sep 2015 − Heinzel Group halts SC paper production on PM 10 at the Laakirchen mill due to fire. PM 11 not affected.» more

High starch demand contributes to upward price trend

24 Sep 2015 − Players in the Western European starch market have already signed contracts that include price increases. » more

German recovered paper market mostly balanced in September

22 Sep 2015 − Amid good demand and rising collection volumes, prices for supermarket paper and board see some reductions in northern Germany. » more

Strong pound sterling prevents price increases for fine paper in the UK in September

22 Sep 2015 − Raising British woodfree paper prices was virtually out of the question in September since prices are relatively high due to the strong pound. » more