Paper mills announce February price hikes for brown recycled containerboard grades

16 Jan 2017 − More recycled corrugated case material manufacturers are set to increase their prices for brown packaging paper grades. The companies cite current good demand as the main reason for price hikes.» more


Stora Enso to invest in biocomposite granules and microfibrillated cellulose production

11 Jan 2017 − The investment projects are meant to develop new products for packaging, consumer goods and industrial application, and accelerate the company's "transformation into a renewable materials company," says Stora Enso.» more

Schoellershammer to increase prices for brown RCCM

10 Jan 2017 − Germany's packaging paper manufacturer Schoellershammer has announced a €60/t price increase for brown recycled corrugated case materials, effective 1 February 2017. » more

NBSK pulp manufacturers announce January price hikes

10 Jan 2017 − NBSK and BEK pulp markets in Western Europe ended 2016 on a quiet note with no movement in prices in December.» more


Antalis taking over Swan Paper, Gregersen and TFM

09 Jan 2017 − Antalis has announced the takeover of Irish Swan Paper, Norwegian Gregersen, and Peruvian TFM Industrial. » more

Ahlstrom completes sale of Osnabrück plant

04 Jan 2017 − Ahlstrom has sold its German plant in Osnabrück to Kämmerer, which already operates two machines at the site. The plant produces papers for wallcovers, poster papers and release liner.» more

Office Depot and Aurelius Group complete European operations-deal

03 Jan 2017 − Office Depot Europe operates in 14 countries across three main activities and brands and generates annual revenues of approximately €2bn.» more

Reno de Medici, Cascades Europe and Careo
become one company

02 Jan 2017 − Reno de Medici and Cascades have combined their European businesses. The groups as well as their joint sales company Careo now form one unified company.» more