Heinzel to invest €100m in Laakirchen Papier

16 Aug 2016 − In future Laakirchen Papier will produce both SC paper and recycled containerboard. » more

Parenco starts up PM 2 at Renkum

15 Aug 2016 − Parenco has finalised its entry into the packaging paper market. The company commissioned its converted 385,000 tpy containerboard machine at the Renkum mill in the Netherlands.» more

Pulp production at Fibre Excellence's
Tarascon mill still down after fire

12 Aug 2016 − Pulp production at Fibre Excellence's pulp mill in Tarascon in southern France has been down since last Friday when a fire broke out and destroyed 20,000 tpy of wood. » more

Polesine to rebuild PMs and increase CCM capacity

10 Aug 2016 − Cartiere del Polesine will take downtime of up to almost four weeks at its machines for rebuilding measures. The company wants to increase its containerboard capacities by 30,000 tpy.» more

Tough negotiations over second step of kraftliner price inreases in Germany

09 Aug 2016 − After brown kraftliner manufacturers managed to increase their prices in a first instalment on the German market in July, negotiations about the second portion were still in progress at the start of August.» more


Metsä Board completes withdrawal from graphic paper manufacture

09 Aug 2016 − Metsä Board stopped the last remains of its fine paper production in July, thus completing the exit from the graphic paper sector. » more

Strikes and production stoppages at tissue mill in Italy

08 Aug 2016 − Tissue paper production at Italy's Rocca Paper Mill has recently been on and off due to strikes. This is the seventh eight hour strike since April. » more

Cartiere Carrara in Italy to install new TM

05 Aug 2016 − Cartiere Carrara in Italy will expand its tissue capacities. Several media reports say a new 60,000 tpy TM will be installed.» more

Metsä Board to shut down wallpaper base PM at Kyro mill

04 Aug 2016 − Metsä Board is planning to close down its wallpaper base machine PM 3 and discontinue its loss-making wallpaper base manufacturing at the Kyro mill in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. » more