Vaahto Group to divest Paper Technology Business

03 Feb 2014 − Finnish technology group Vaahto Group Plc Oyj is going to focus on the Process Technology business in the future. » more


Smurfit Kappa to extend downtime at French kraftliner mill

31 Jan 2014 − Smurfit Kappa Facture will take an extended three weeks maintenance downtime at the Kraftliner mill in Biganos in southwestern France. » more

German Federal Cartel Office dismisses complaint against Sappi

30 Jan 2014 − The German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) will not pursue the complaint that Paperlinx Limited and its German subsidiary Deutsche Papier Vertriebs GmbH have brought against it on 4 December 2013, Sappi...» more

Skoghall mill to return to full production in February

30 Jan 2014 − The Stora Enso cartonboard mill in Skoghall will return to full production in February. Due to the explosion of the recovery boiler, CKB production has been running at a reduced level. Production loss is estimated to be...» more

Surplus supply on German sawmill residue markets makes prices crumble again

29 Jan 2014 − Prices for sawmill residues in Germany came under pressure to due lower demand and rising chip and round-wood imports in the pulp and paper industry.» more

Production in Stora Enso's Skoghall mill still restricted

28 Jan 2014 − An explosion in the recovery boiler on 21 January 2014 has disrupted production at Stora Enso’s Swedish Skoghall mill. Today the situation was still unchanged, a Stora Enso spokesperson told EUWID.» more


Higher prices on Germany's label paper market in January

28 Jan 2014 − After a weak fourth quarter, label paper producers on the German market report a good start to the new year as regards demand. Prices also edged up a little, but not as much as producers had hoped.» more

GNP takes several weeks of downtime at newsprint mill

27 Jan 2014 − Great Northern Paper announced a temporary stop in manufacturing due to the current high production costs combined with lower market prices for its products.» more

Stora Enso to cut magazine paper capacity in Finland

24 Jan 2014 − Stora Enso is planning to take 190,000 tpy of coated magazine paper capacity from the market. The company announced its intention to close down a machine at the Veitsiluoto mill.» more

Moderate price increases for newsprint emerge in the UK

23 Jan 2014 − Most of the contracts for newsprint deliveries as from 1 January have been signed in the UK. Prices rose a little but some producers had hoped for more. » more