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SCA completes takeover of Wausau Paper

21 Jan 2016 − SCA will consolidate Wausau paper as of 21 January.» more


Wausau Paper shareholders say yes to SCA

21 Jan 2016 − $513m deal to make SCA stronger Away-from-Home tissue supplier in North America.» more

SCA to shut down PM 2 at Ortviken next week

10 Dec 2015 − The shutdown of PM 2 at SCA's Ortviken mill is imminent. The 135,000 tpy newsprint machine will be closed on 16 December. Coated and uncoated liner paper production at the site is already down.» more

SCA and CMPC accused of price collusion in Chile

03 Nov 2015 − Chilean authorities are investigating a major case of collusion in Chile. SCA and CMPC are accused of having fixed prices in the tissue sector for at least ten years.» more