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Price hikes for SC paper implemented in Germany

25 Jul 2017 − SC paper manufacturers managed to implement a price increase for the third quarter or second half of the year. However, some had hoped for a bigger hike. » more


China to ban import of unsorted waste paper

20 Jul 2017 − Recently, rumours about a possible Chinese ban on imports of mixed paper created uncertainty on the European recovered paper markets. Now, China has made an official statement and things have become clearer.» more

UK prices for SC paper up in July

18 Jul 2017 − Cuts in SC production capacity in the recent past are now having an impact on the SC market with prices going up in the UK in July.» more

June brings no end to price talks for NBSK pulp

12 Jul 2017 − Pulp buyers are putting up resistance to manufacturers' price hike initiative. Converters report improved supply for NBSK pulp compared to the previous month. » more