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Suppliers announce prices hikes for GC board in Germany

08 Oct 2015 − GC board manufacturers are trying to implement higher prices on the German market, pointing to good demand. Converters, however, put resistance since they fear to be unable to pass on the hikes to their customers.» more


Recycled containerboard prices in Poland rise again

06 Oct 2015 − In contrast to developments on other European markets, recycled containerboard prices in Poland have increased during the latest price round. » more

Prices for recycled containerboard in France remain unchanged in September

01 Oct 2015 − Buyers put up resistance against further increases in costs» more

Woodfree coated paper prices on the rise in Germany

30 Sep 2015 − The increase in woodfree coated sheet prices follows on the heels of price hikes for coated reels in Germany.» more