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Reno De Medici announcing further price increase for recycled cartonboard

30 Jun 2017 − Packaging paper and board producers are taking action to compensate for high recovered paper costs» more


Renewed price hike announcements
for UWF paper in Germany

28 Jun 2017 − Uncoated fine paper manufacturers are currently in talks with buyers to implement another price hike in Germany which has partly already been implemented. So far, cut sizes are said to be especially affected.» more

OCC prices reach record high on the British market in June

27 Jun 2017 − Solid demand from China sent old corrugated container (OCC) recovered paper prices higher again in the UK in June, bringing them to new record highs. » more

Saica informs customers of price increase for all paper grades

22 Jun 2017 − Recycled containerboard manufacturer Saica has announced plans to hike prices in Europe. » more