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Coreboard manufacturers pursue Q3 price hikes in Germany

27 Aug 2015 − According to coreboard manufacturers, price increases are underway for Q3 delievries in Germany. Some converters are paying more as of the start of August.» more


UK recycled containerboard prices on the rise in August

26 Aug 2015 − Corrugated sheet and packaging manufacturers are criticising paper mills' plans for additional mark-ups in September.» more

US DOC affirms preliminary AD duties on uncoated paper from Australia, Brazil, China, Indonesia and Portugal

21 Aug 2015 − Preliminary AD duties on uncoated paper range between 29.5% for Portuguese and 193.3% for Chinese importers. A final decision from US DOC and US ITC is due for January and February next year. » more

Titanium dioxide prices see slight drop in Q3

19 Aug 2015 − In Europe, prices for titanium dioxide (TiO2) have been falling since the start of last year, despite manufacturers efforts to stop the negative tend. In the third quarter, rutile TiO2 is selling up to €300/t cheaper...» more