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UK coated woodfree sheet prices edging higher in October

21 Oct 2014 − Prices for coated and uncoated woodfree papers are showing contrasting pricing trends at present.» more


Caustic soda manufacturers fighting to reverse negative price trend

08 Oct 2014 − Electrolysis plants would like to see NaOH prices go up for deliveries as of October but there is no clear trend discernible ahead of fourth-quarter contract negotiations.» more

Coreboard prices edge higher on the Italian market in September

07 Oct 2014 − Coreboard demand on the domestic market was reported as relatively stable over the past few months. Higher prices sometimes instituted in September were reportedly fuelled by healthy demand on export markets. » more

Starch buyers demand price cuts for Q4

24 Sep 2014 − Starch prices in Western Europe are under pressure. Buyers ask for cuts in the fourth quarter in response to falling raw material prices.» more