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US investigates SC paper imports from Canada

12 Mar 2015 − US imported around 1.1 million t (1.2 million sh. t) of SC paper from Canada last year, representing 88% of total SC paper imports in 2014.» more


Titanium dioxide buyers and sellers hold different views on Q2 pricing

10 Mar 2015 − Titanium dioxide producers would like to see their prices go up in the second quarter. Converters, however, do not think these price plans will be successful since supply is high and availability good. » more

Sanitary paper producers in Germany expect strong sales and deteriorating profits

03 Mar 2015 − Producers of sanitary paper are expecting strong sales in the first quarter of 2015, but say that price adjustments are urgently needed. » more

February marks the end of price discussions on the magazine paper market in Italy

03 Mar 2015 − SC and LWC paper prices continue on a downward trend in 2015. Market players report substantial price cuts in first quarter/half 2015 contracts.» more