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Burgo Avezzano might be converted to board plant

05 Nov 2015 − There is a possible future for Burgo's idle Avezzano mill in Italy. The site's fine paper machine might be converted to produce board, according to plans of a potential investor.» more


Mondi plans new containerboard machine in Ružomberok, mulls MG capacity investment in Central Europe

04 Nov 2015 − Last summer Slovakia's government revealed that Mondi Group was mulling over a major investment at the Ružomberok mill. Now, the company has confirmed the plans for a new PM in Slovakia.» more

SCA and CMPC accused of price collusion in Chile

03 Nov 2015 − Chilean authorities are investigating a major case of collusion in Chile. SCA and CMPC are accused of having fixed prices in the tissue sector for at least ten years.» more

SCA to close down one newsprint machine at Ortviken

29 Oct 2015 − SCA intends to close down a newsprint machine at Ortviken paper mill in Sundsvall, Sweden, reducing capacity of the mill by 135,000 tpy.» more