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Prices for semi-chemical fluting point up in Germany

01 Apr 2015 − Semi-chemical fluting market in Germany is expected to tighten even more on coming production downtime at different paper mills.» more


German brown sack kraft paper prices lose ground in Q1

26 Mar 2015 − Prices for white sack kraft paper remain untouched in the first quarter 2015.» more

Closure of Aylesford triggers upheaval in UK recovered paper market in March

24 Mar 2015 − The prevailing topic in the UK recovered paper market in March was the abrupt closure of Aylesford Newsprint, which triggered a noticeable drop in prices of deinking grades and mixed paper. » more

Suppliers announce price increase for UWF paper in Germany

18 Mar 2015 − Prices for woodfree uncoated paper in Germany might go up soon. Manufacturers announced a price hike with effect from April at the latest and are optimistic about their chances to realise it.» more