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Smurfit Kappa to extend downtime at French kraftliner mill

31 Jan 2014 − Smurfit Kappa Facture will take an extended three weeks maintenance downtime at the Kraftliner mill in Biganos in southwestern France. » more


German Federal Cartel Office dismisses complaint against Sappi

30 Jan 2014 − The German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) will not pursue the complaint that Paperlinx Limited and its German subsidiary Deutsche Papier Vertriebs GmbH have brought against it on 4 December 2013, Sappi...» more

Skoghall mill to return to full production in February

30 Jan 2014 − The Stora Enso cartonboard mill in Skoghall will return to full production in February. Due to the explosion of the recovery boiler, CKB production has been running at a reduced level. Production loss is estimated to be...» more

Production in Stora Enso's Skoghall mill still restricted

28 Jan 2014 − An explosion in the recovery boiler on 21 January 2014 has disrupted production at Stora Enso’s Swedish Skoghall mill. Today the situation was still unchanged, a Stora Enso spokesperson told EUWID.» more