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Deals for newsprint in Germany "not on the horizon"

14 Jan 2014 − Newsprint buyers and sellers doing business in Germany are finding it hard to settle on prices and conditions in ongoing talks, with no signs of a deal coming any time soon. In the meantime, market players settled for...» more


Coreboard prices in Italy move upwards in Q4

17 Dec 2013 − Coreboard manufacturers' plans to hike prices on the Italian market have borne fruit. They were able to partly implement price increases in the fourth quarter. » more

Prices for SC paper in the UK set to increase

10 Dec 2013 − Talks on the new contracts for magazine papers in the UK are still underway. Chances for a price increase for SC papers seem a "real issue", while price rises for LWC papers are more of a challenge. » more

Higher prices effective from 1 January announced for eucalyptus pulp

10 Dec 2013 − Two pulp producers unexpectedly announced higher pulp prices for 1 January, 2014.» more