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Suppliers of hardwood pulp under pressure

11 Jun 2014 − After negotiations were concluded at the beginning of June, it became clear that eucalyptus pulp prices have moved slightly downwards in May. Market players expect this downward trend to continue.» more


More price cuts for brown recycled containerboard on the French market

28 May 2014 − In the wake of mediocre demand, high stocks and increased supply on the French market, prices for brown recycled corrugated case material dropped again in May.» more

Producers start next round of price talks on the magazine paper market

13 May 2014 − Manufacturers want to increase prices as of 1 July, meeting with resistance from buyers» more

Standard newsprint prices show only slight increase in Germany

06 May 2014 − Newsprint manufacturers are disappointed with the outcome of 2014 price negotiations on the market in Germany. Most paper mills have missed their price targets by miles, as they had initially hoped to raise standard...» more