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Recycled containerboard off to a good start to 2015 in Germany

14 Jan 2015 − Industry sources report nearly non-stop production at German containerboard mills over the Christmas and New Year's holidays. » more


Caustic soda prices show upward trend in Europe

13 Jan 2015 − Signs of a price increase for caustic soda (NaOH) are emerging again at the beginning of 2015 after manufacturers had succeeded in getting price increases accepted for the fourth quarter of 2014. » more

BEK pulp prices rise further in December

07 Jan 2015 − Manufacturers expect eucalyptus pulp prices to continue on the upward path in January. » more

Starch producers pushing for price hikes in Q1 2015

17 Dec 2014 − Manufacturers report upswing in corn and wheat starch markets, little movement in the potato starch market.» more