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Prices for bulk recovered paper grades tending lower on the German market in February

17 Feb 2016 − Slight price cuts are also reported for used corrugated kraft and coloured letters. Supply and demand are still balanced.» more


Manufacturers calling for mark-ups on prices for softwood pulp as of February

09 Feb 2016 − In view of the healthy demand in Europe and the low stocks, some softwood pulp manufacturers announced price increases from 1 February. » more

Newsprint price talks in Germany to continue in February

03 Feb 2016 − Newsprint publishers say price targets pursued by paper mills are not appropriate for the German market.» more

Italy reports softer recycled containerboard prices

02 Feb 2016 − Prices for recycled corrugated case material have been showing signs of weakness since the turn of the year. Market players are pointing to small price cuts for deliveries in January.» more