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Coldset newsprint prices in Germany stagnate at last year's level

25 Apr 2017 − After lengthy discussions, players in the German market for coldset newsprint agreed to leave last year's prices unchanged in 2017.» more


Recycled containerboard prices see another hike in France

25 Apr 2017 − Thanks to a good order situation, recycled containerboard pries in France have gone up again in April. This is the third price increase in three months.» more

Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades in the UK collapse

19 Apr 2017 − Mixed paper demand from China has plummeted dramatically, in particular in the wake of a new importing policy in China. Prices plunged by up to £50-60 during last two weeks of March. » more

Poland: paper and board suppliers charge higher prices on increased input costs and good demand

11 Apr 2017 − Price increases have been negotiated in the first quarter 2017 in many sectors of Poland's paper and board market.» more