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Falling dollar-denominated pulp prices
cannot compensate for slide in euro

09 Dec 2015 − Prices on the global pulp market have fallen during November. However, buyers in Europe could not benefit from the reductions as prices were stable or higher in euro terms.» more


Market players talk lower brown kraftliner prices in Germany

08 Dec 2015 − Lower prices in southern Europe and the start-up of PM in Varkaus are leaving its mark on Germany's brown kraftliner market.» more

Prices for recycled containerboard in Poland back to August levels

01 Dec 2015 − September’s increase in Polish recycled corrugated case material prices did not stick around for long» more

Price cuts for several deinking and
high RCP grades in France

24 Nov 2015 − Prices have moved downward on the French recovered paper market in November. While the ordinary grades were not affected this time, some deinking and high grades became cheaper. » more