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NBSK price hikes seen as certain

22 Oct 2013 − The gap between the prices for hardwood and softwood pulp continues to widen in October. While the upward trend for softwood grades seems unbroken, experts hope that the downward trend for hardwood grades has come to a...» more


German RCP prices up on pre-Christmas restocking

16 Oct 2013 − Recovered paper prices on the German market started pointing up in October amid market talks of buyers stocking up for the Christmas season. » more

NaOH prices showing signs of lateral movement in Q4

10 Oct 2013 − Suppliers are complaining of slim profit margins and wish caustic soda price to rise soon. Insiders voice scepticism about a few NaOH manufacturers planning to charge more for Q4 deliveries.» more

Low grain prices put downward pressure on native starch prices in Western Europe

24 Sep 2013 − Native potato starch in short supply due to reduced potato crop. More and more consumers are switching to low-priced alternatives as prices for native potato starch are expected to rise.» more