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Woodfree coated paper manufacturers

rigorously implement price hikes in Germany

The majority of woodfree coated paper producers supplying to the market in Germany appear to have rigorously enforced the latest round of price increases given their cost burden. Exceptions had only been made on the timing, buyers in... more

European Graphic Paper Statistics

January 2018


EUWID Price Review Germany First quarter 2018


Caustic soda prices stabilise at record levels

The last round of negotiations on caustic soda (NaOH) prices for the first quarter of 2018 was decided quickly and resulted in massive hikes. In comparison, talks on prices in the second quarter are much more relaxed.

Although supply... more

EUWID Price Watch Western Europe Caustic Soda

First quarter 2018


Pulp buyers suffering from high prices and tight supply

Producers continue to have the upper hand on the European pulp market. At the moment, supplies of softwood pulp are tighter than those of hardwood pulp. Converters of northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp are therefore struggling not... more

EUWID Price Review Pulp

First quarter 2018


Prices for ordinary RCP in Germany down

in March, but appear to stabilise in April

Following another considerable price dive for ordinary recovered paper grades in March, it appears the tide is turning in April. EUWID respondents unanimously report that prices have stabilised in Germany. Supply volumes are also said... more

Recovered Paper Germany

March 2018


Chinese customs reject US

recovered paper shipment

Chinese customs authorities in Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhjiang Province in eastern China, have ordered a shipment of nearly 500 t of contaminated waste paper sent back to the United States of America. The material, which China’s... more

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