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Prices of recovered paper and corrugated

case material rise again in Italy

Producers of corrugated case material sense an opportunity and have announced another round of price hikes for deliveries in March and April. Producers want to raise prices of brown papers as well as white-top papers. In Italy, demand... more

Italy: paper and board production


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US Exports of Unbleached Kraftliner


EU Exports of Corrugated

Case Material to China


French paper industry opposes planned

regulation to curb unaddressed advertising

Draft legislation has been unveiled in France that includes new rules governing the delivery of unaddressed printed advertisements. During a three-year trial undertaken in selected French towns, cities and communities, unaddressed printed... more

German paper industry output

falls in corona crisis year

The German paper industry draws support from the packaging and sanitary paper segments during the coronavirus crisis. German association of paper mills (VDP) reports that the industry’s output in 2020 receded by "just 3.3 per... more

Germany: Recovered paper costs sending

corrugated case material prices higher

Rising prices month after month are shaping Germany’s corrugated case material market at the moment. It is hard to discern specific price steps. Paper producers are concerned about the short supply and continued increase in costs... more

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European Graphic Paper Statistics


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