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New decree declares paper and packaging industries

essential for Italy, but more downtime is inevitable

Italy’s waste management, recycling, paper and packaging industry is allowed to continue operating despite Covid-19 spread. Some companies, however, are taking downtime.

In its effort to contain the spread of Covid-19, the... more

Associations‘ reactions to spread of Covid-19: Italian associations report rising demand for packaging amid Covid-19

Federazione Carta e Grafica, the Italian umbrella association of Assocarta, Assografici and Acimga, highlights the importance of paper products in times of corona. According to the association, retail sales in Italy have jumped... more

Associations‘ reactions to spread of Covid-19: Intergraf fears shortage of synthetic ethyl alcohol for printing industry

Intergraf, the European association for printed and digital communication, has expressed concerns about the impacts of Covid-19 on the European printing industry. First of all, the association points to a looming shortage of... more

Associations‘ reactions to spread of Covid-19: ECBA asks for free movement of coreboard and cores

The European Core Board Association (ECBA) has issued a statement, asking for free movements of coreboard and cores. The association said that production and transport of coreboard in some member states was hampered due to... more

Associations‘ reactions to spread of Covid-19: ISRI wants recycling operations to be classified as essential

Against the background of measures taken in the USA to curb the spread of the coronavirus, US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has written a letter to the country’s Vice President Mike Pence. The association... more

Tissue producers report high demand for sanitary and

household paper, but see no risk of supply bottlenecks

As the coronavirus crisis unfolds, many countries worldwide are witnessing a run for sanitary and household paper products. Store shelves that used to be brimming with packs of toilet paper, handkerchiefs and kitchen rolls are frequently seen... more

French paper industry feels first

impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Measures put in place by governments and national authorities to curb the spread of coronavirus have started to affect events on the paper market in France. French paper manufacturers’ association Copacel confirmed at the end of the third... more

Associations demand free movement of goods

in food and pharma packaging value chain

Players in the European packaging sector want recognition as a "critical industry" in order to avoid government-imposed plant closures, which are currently occurring in some EU countries. Industries deemed to be "critical"... more

UK paper and board

industry still operational

The paper and board industry in the UK has so far been hit much less than France or Italy by the coronavirus crisis. Please find below a brief mail interview EUWID led with Andrew Large, Director General of the Confederation of Paper Industries... more

Emergency alliance of German

corrugated board producers

The German corrugated industry is closing its ranks to combat the economic effects of the corona pandemic. Each of the member companies of the association of the German corrugated board industry (VDW) is a party to a so-called reciprocal... more

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