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Germany: only little movement

in the woodfree paper sector

Manufacturers of coated paper are putting their hopes in stoppages The woodfree uncoated paper business in Germany is very quiet at the moment. Printers have been reporting a continuing lull in orders for some weeks and growing pressure on... more

Södra Cell Värö to

invest in biofuels

Beginning from 2012, Södra Cell Värö will derive its entire energy requirements from wood wastes to make it the first pulp mill to become independent from fossil fuels. Södra launched efforts to become independent from fossil fuels after the... more

PIX benchmark prices


per metr. ton a.d. US$ US$ 17 June 2008 904.72 840.00 10 June 2008 903.36 840.00 20 May 2008 906.84 840.00 (Source: FOEX Indices Ltd.) © Copyright EUWID GmbH, Gernsbach more

© Copyright EUWID GmbH, Gernsbach


EU slaps fines on sodium chlorate manufacturers

The EU antitrust commission has imposed fines totalling €79m on several European chemical groups. The affected companies include Akzo Nobel, EKA Chemicals, Finnish Chemicals, Erikem Luxembourg, Arkema France, Elf Aquitaine, Aragonesas Industria... more

drupa summary turns out largely positive

At the end of this year’s drupa trade fair, the 1971 exhibitors from 52 countries all agreed on having established highly promising contacts and having concluded successful business deals. drupa exhibitors published sales contracts worth a total... more

Otor opts for biomass

based energy systems

Otor has placed an order with Poweo for a biomass-driven power plant for its Papeterie du Doubs mill. The facility will be rated for 16 MW and will become operational in 2010. The power plant will meet the entire steam requirement of the Papeterie... more

Norske Skog to produce

diesel from woody biomass

Norske Skog plans to build a pilot plant to produce synthetic diesel from wood-based biomass. The company together with Viken Skog, Allskog, Mjøsen Skog and Statskog has floated a new company called Xynergo which will operate the pilot plant near... more

Veolia strengthens position

in Estonia’s paper sector

The German waste management company Veolia Umweltservice has strengthened its position in the area of recovering paper in Estonia. The company reports that it has taken over 100% of the Estonian company Tallinna Sekto through its Cleanaway Estonia... more

Softwood pulp manufacturers keep

their sights set on the $920 target

Spot market sees massive growth – Many transactions closed at $900 In June manufacturers of NBSK pulp keep their eyes firmly set on the price target of $920 that they had initially hoped to achieve in April. However, reports indicate that –... more