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PIX benchmark prices

per metr. ton a.d. NBSK BHKP US$ US$ 27 June 2006 683.45 639.28 20 June 2006 677.38 639.74 30 May 2006 654.20 635.32 (Source: FOEX Indices Ltd.) ©... more

In the UK only kraftliner and copy

paper prices changed in June

No hikes for woodfree coated paper – Tough negotiations for GD board The British paper market again seen movement in prices before the holiday season with increases in kraftliner and copy paper prices, which should be followed by another... more

News in brief

Ahlstrom is planning to give 16 employees at its Finnish Kauttua mill eight weeks’ unpaid leave as part of its reduction in output for market reasons. The move is designed to adjust the output of crêpe paper to current demand and inventory... more


Watch UK June 2006

Prices in pound per metr. ton free delivered June 2006 May 2006 June 2005 unless otherwise stated £ € (as of 16 June) £ £ Recovered paper (prices ex works) Mixed... more

AV Nackawic pulp mill

formally commissioned

The AV Nackawic pulp mill was formally commissioned in the eponymous town in Canada’s New Brunswick province on 15 June. The mill, which formerly belonged to Parson & Whitmore, was shut down in September 2004. Last year, AV Nackawic Inc., a... more

Inventories and consumption

of pulp consumers in Europe

(in tons) UNBLEACHED BLEACHED / SEMI-BLEACHED Sulphite & Kraft Softw. Hardw. Softw. Hardw. Total Previous %... more

Smith Anderson & Co Ltd

is going into receivership

UK packaging paper producer Smith Anderson & Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the Smith Anderson Group, has gone into receivership on June 16. The appointed receivers of KPMG explained that despite a restructuring plan implemented last year the company’s... more

North American suppliers start

next pricing round as of July 1

At the beginning of week 25 a number of North American pulp producers announced another increase for NBSK prices as of July 1. NBSK prices in Europe are to be increased by $10-20 to $710 per metr. t and to $750 per metr. t on the American market.... more

PIX benchmark prices

per metr. ton a.d. NBSK BHKP US$ US$ 20 June 2006 677.38 639.74 13 June 2006 666.49 639.70 23 May 2006 654.28 636.31 (Source: FOEX Indices Ltd.) ©... more

Germany: price increases remain

producers’ prime objective

Another pricing round for graphic paper - Higher prices planned for LWC Getting higher prices accepted remains manufacturers’ prime objective. In June another pricing round was set in motion for graphic grades, aimed at achieving price... more