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Norscan stocks have decreased

by almost 100,000 t since March

Industry hopes that the decline in stocks will stimulate the market Pulp producers were rewarded for their efforts to stabilise the market. Since the end of March, Norscan stocks have unexpectedly declined by almost 100,000 t to 1.9m t. Output... more

Elopak and Schouw

plan a new joint venture

The two suppliers of packaging solutions, Norwegian Elopak and Schouw & Co from Denmark, are to extend their joint venture, already existing for Denmark and Poland, to include Sweden as well. As a consequence of this agreement, Schouw & Co, an... more


Watch - UK

Prices in pound per metr. ton free delivered, April 2001 March 2001 April 2000 unless otherwise stated £ b (as of 11... more

EUWID Price Review – UK

first quarter 2001

Prices in pound per metr. ton free delivered, 1st quarter 2001 4th quarter 2000 1st quarter 2000 unless otherwise stated £ £ £ Waste paper (prices ex works) Mixed (A2)... more

APRIL is back in

the black in 2000

The paper and pulp manufacturer APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Ltd.) operated once again at a profit in the year 2000. After APRIL’s operations showed a loss of US$23.28m in 1999, the company generated a net profit of... more

News in brief

The Degussa division Superabsorber has closed down one of two superabsorber plants at the Greensboro/North Carolina facility, thereby removing production capacity of roughly 40,000 t from the market. The reason given by Degussa for this move is... more

Pressure on earnings

of folding box producers

The member companies of Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie (FFI, the German trade association of folding box producers) recorded a 9% increase in sales in their 2000 financial year. This means that the upward trend that had set in in the previous... more

Waste paper futures

(Contracts of 100 t) Closing prices in EUR per ton Supermarket waste Deinking (A9) at the futures exchange (kaufhaus, A4) Hanover, Germany 17 April 2001 9 April 2001 17... more

Pulpex futures for NBSK

(metr. ton, a.d., TCF/ECF) Settlement prices in US$ 17 April 2001 10 April 2001 20 March 2001 June 2001 462.00 465.00 499.25 September 2001 460.00 467.50 497.00... more

Russia’s paper industry

needs modernisation

The demand situation is still favourable for Russian manufacturers of paper and board. They are, however, having problems coping with the high demand. The growth rates seen over recent years cannot conceal the fact that what is taking place is... more