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Canada: production

and exports in January

(.000 metric tons) January 2001 2000 1999 Pulp production Chemical paper grades total 1,211 1,265 1,181 Bleached sulphate softwood 754 788 714 Bleached sulphate hardwood 263... more

The pulp industry in Latin America

has set its sights on growth

A capacity increase of almost 6m t is expected by mid-decade The pulp industry in Latin America has set its sights on growth. Increases in capacity of around 6m t are planned be introduced during the course of the next five years. A large number... more

Pulpex futures for NBSK

(metr. ton, a.d., TCF/ECF) Settlement prices in US$ 26 March 2001 19 March 2001 26 February 2001 June 2001 477.50 488.50 495.00 September 2001 484.00 495.00... more

Crown Packaging

sheds plants

Crown Packaging Ltd. has divested further paper and board plants in Canada in the course of restructuring measures. Paperboard Industries International Inc., a subsidiary of Cascades acquired a folding box board plant with an annual capacity of... more

Pulpex futures for NBSK

(metr. ton, a.d., TCF/ECF) Settlement prices in US$ 19 March 2001 12 March 2001 19 February 2001 March 2001 504.00 490.00 505.00 June 2001 488.50 489.50... more

vdw is content with last

year’s volume trends

The German association of the corrugated board manufacturing industry, vdw, is content with last year’s sales volume. R. Dieter Kögler, vdw chairman, explained that in his opinion the industry could be more than content with the volume trends... more

February Norscan stocks

increased far less than feared

Spot offers still exert pressure on pulp list prices Pulp producers breathed a sigh of relief after the February Norscan figures were announced. The worst fears of a rise in stocks by 100,000 t or even more were allayed. In February, volumes rose... more

VPK Packaging takes

over Depauw in full

The Belgian VPK Packaging group increased its stake in the Belgian producer NV Depauw from 50% to 100% in mid-February. According to a VPK statement, Depauw produces board tubes and lastly generated sales of EUR7.5m. As early as last year VPK... more

Lenzing quintuples

pre-tax results

Austrian fibre producer Lenzing AG quintupled its pre-tax results in the year 2000. Jochen Werz, spokesman of Lenzing’s board of management, said an optimised product mix and a strict cost-cutting programme enabled the company to attain new... more

Chip prices are

relatively stable in Germany

Chip prices are relatively stable in Germany at the moment after the prices of individual grades were increased with effect from the beginning of the first quarter. These price increases mainly concerned bark-free chips to be used by the pulp... more