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GL&V increases

net profit by 123%

In the past business year 2000/2001, ending 31 March 2001, Groupe Laperriere & Verreault (GL&V), the Canadian paper machine manufacturer based in Montreal, increased its net profits by 123% to C$15.2m. In the previous year, the company generated a... more


Watch - France

June 2001 May 2001 June 2000 Prices in FF per metr. ton free delivered FF FF FF b unless otherwise stated Waste paper (prices ex works)... more

Reno De Medici

takes over Aticarta

The Italian board manufacturer Reno De Medici (RDM), Milan, is taking over Aticarta, a subsidiary of the Italian tobacco monopolist Eti (Ente tabacchi italiani). The takeover puts 100% ownership of Aticarta into the hands of RDM. According to... more

Norampac launches

into new market segment

The Canadian company Norampac Inc. is taking over the PolyFab division from Magnifoam Technology Inc. As Norampac reported, the two companies settled an appropriate agreement on 7 June 2001. After this date, both the capital and business of... more

Clairefontaine’s earnings

are still on the decline

The French manufacturer of printing and writing paper and office supplies Exacompta Clairefontaine, recorded falling earnings in the business year 2000, again. The group’s sales were able to be boosted from the previous year’s figure of... more

Waste paper futures

(Contracts of 100 t) Closing prices in EUR per ton Supermarket waste Deinking (A9) at the futures exchange (kaufhaus, A4) Hanover, Germany 18 June 2001 11 June 2001... more

Inventories and consumption

of pulp consumers in Europe

(in tons) UNBLEACHED BLEACHED / SEMI-BLEACHED DIP CTMP Sulfite Kraft Softw. Hardw. Softw. Hardw. Total Previous % sulfite sulfite... more

Slovakia’s paper output

reaches new record

The Slovakian Republic’s paper output reached a new record level of 663,000 t in the year 2000. According to the bfai, the federal foreign trade information agency, printing paper including newsprint recorded the strongest rise in output (up by... more

Pulpex futures for NBSK

(metr. ton, a.d., TCF/ECF) Settlement prices in US$ 18 June 2001 11 June 2001 21 May 2001 June 2001 400.00 409.50 435.00 September 2001 410.00 429.00 446.00 December... more

Paper in the printing process:

proper storage must be learned

Avoiding disruptions caused by fluctuations in humidity and temperature Temperature and humidity fluctuations cause considerable changes in paper and board characteristics – a fact familiar to most. However, if these changes occur in the... more