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Downward price pressure presist on

the German graphic paper market

Prices remain under pressure on the market for woodfree papers in Germany. In light of high inventory levels, ongoing weak demand and declining pulp prices, buyers are pushing for mark-downs. It appears that quotes for fine paper are... more

EUWID Price Review Germany


EUWID Price Watch Pulp Western Europe


Market players are not surprised by

renewed price cuts for pulp in June

All contract negotiations between pulp suppliers and buyers were done and dusted by the first week of July. The outcome caught nobody by surprise. Both bleached eucalyptus pulp and NBSK pulp became cheaper again in June when compared... more

Paper sack industry enjoys stable development in 2018

With paper sack deliveries recording a slight plus of 1.2 per cent in 2018, the European paper sack industry enjoyed a stable development last year. "Our industry is going through many trends and changes. We need to make sure that we can... more

Ceresana study says paper industry is biggest

buyer of filler materials in Western Europe

Fillers make many products not only cheaper; they also often improve their properties like rigidity, weather resistance or electrical conductivity. German market research institute Ceresana has for the first time published a study of the... more

Caustic soda prices fall sharply

under pressure from buyers

There is a lot of movement on the market for caustic soda (NaOH). Amid generally robust demand, supplies have proven to be much more abundant this year than many industry representatives had expected. On the market in Western and... more

EUWID Price Watch Western Europe Caustic Soda


Italian corrugated board industry raises output

in 2018, but loses market share in Europe

Italy‘s corrugated board and packaging industry has been reporting a steady increase in production and shipments for a few years now. This pattern continued last year. Output rose 3.6 per cent compared with 2017 to land at 7 billion... more

German corrugated board industry reports

weaker business in the first quarter 2019

Members of the German corrugated board industry federation VDW registered a 1% decline in shipments in the first three months of 2019 when compared with the same period in 2018 - both in terms of absolute figures and when adjusted for the... more

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