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Recycled corrugated case material prices

start crumbling on the market in Poland

Manufacturers and converters of packaging paper in Poland are watching the events beyond their country’s eastern border with great concern. Experts believe the conflict in the Ukraine and Russia will affect exports to markets in the two... more

EUWID Price Watch Poland

March 2014


EUWID Price Watch Pulp

March 2014


Prices for NBSK and fluff pulp set to carry on rising

At the end of March, European manufacturers of softwood pulp left scarcely any doubt that their prices are going to continue to rise. According to market insiders, the orders position was still very good and was even being described as... more

Spain’s CNMC broadens

price-fixing investigations

The Spanish competition watchdog CNMC (Co-misión Nacional de Marcados y Competencia) has broadened the scope of its proceedings surrounding alleged anti-competitive behaviour in the waste management and urban sanitation sectors, adding... more

March brings an end to price talks

on the Italian newsprint market

Price talks on the Italian newsprint market were put to bed in Italy during the month of March. While the two negotiating parties can now take a deep breath, market players active in the magazine paper sector have to return to the negotiating... more

EUWID Price Watch Italy

March 2014


Italy: production, imports, exports and consumption

January - December 2013


EUWID Price Watch Italy coreboard

First quarter 2014


Commission drops bid for paper end-of-waste criteria

The EU Commission has permanently abandoned its quest to pass a Regulation defining end-of-waste criteria for recovered paper. “At the moment, the Commission has no plans to take this initiative any further,” said EU Environment... more

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