I have a question about my order

1. The registration form contains “Username” and “Password” boxes. Must I fill in these boxes even though I have ordered a subscription for the printed version?

No. It’s up to you if you want to set up a username and password. This user data, however, gives you access to the complementary areas of the portal, such as “Top News”.

2. Can I order other products during the ordering procedure?

Your attention will be drawn to other products in the portal during the ordering procedure. You then have the opportunity to order these if you wish to.

3. Do I require my subscription number and/or my customer number to place an order?

No. If you do not have your customer data on you, you can complete the order form without them. However, if you know your customer data (subscription number or customer number) you can enter them in the appropriate boxes.

4. I have a print subscription and would like online access as well (e.g. Markets & Archive)

If you do not yet have a user name and password, you must register for them to start with. You can select the required supplementary subscription by clicking on Shop at the top of the website. In the window that appears for the type of subscription you already have, click on “Premium packages”. The click on “Upgrade ...”. Follow the instructions that appear.

5. Can I make my own changes to my delivery or invoice address?
Yes, you can. Log in to do so. When you are logged in, you will find the link “Personal data” under MY EUWID. When you click on this link, the data you registered with will appear. You can change your postal address or email address here. Confirm the change by clicking on the “Continue” button. The subsequent preview must then be reconfirmed by clicking on the “Send data” button.

6. Steps in the ordering procedure
Various steps will be shown during the ordering procedure. What do they mean?

  • Shopping cart
    Shows which product you have placed in your basket and intend to order.

  • Register
    If you did not log in or register before placing your order, you will be requested to do so at this point.

  • Confirm order
    This is where you will be shown a summary of your whole order. In addition to details about the ordered products, this section also contains details on the delivery and invoicing address and the method of payment. You can change your order, the delivery period as well as the delivery and invoicing address here.
    This is the step at which you can state your details for payment by credit card or opt for having the invoice sent to you by post.

  • Finish
    This appears when your order has been sent off successfully.

7. Notification of user-account activation
After completing your order for an online product, you received and email stating that you will be granted online access shortly or, if you have ordered a printed version, you have been notified that you will receive the requested subscription/ free sample by post.
As soon as your account has been activated, you will receive another email stating that you now have access to the ordered section. You only receive this notification of activation as a new customer after entering your username for the first time. 

If you have any further queries, please contact us on our hotline: +49 7224 9397-700 or by E-Mail: service(at)euwid.com