Stora Enso considers job cuts at Varkaus kraftliner mill

04 Dec 2019 − Stora Enso's Varkaus kraftliner mill might have to lay off some employees. The company will discuss the possible elimination of up to 55 jobs at the site.» more

Containerboard producer Cartiera Pieretti suspends production

03 Dec 2019 − Things have not been running smoothly for some time at Cartiera Pieretti's containerboard mill in Italy. The 40,000 tpy mill was now halted and is threatened by closure.» more

New batch of licences for recovered paper imports into China

03 Dec 2019 − Chinese authorities published the 15th batch of licences for imports of recovered paper into the country, covering a total of 10,740 t. » more


UPM's Chapelle Darblay mill running at reduced rate,
no news on potential buyer

29 Nov 2019 − UPM's Chapelle Darblay newsprint mill will be sold or closed down next year. But already now, the company is not producing at full capacity at the site, citing market-related reasons. » more

Bellmer takes over Papcel

29 Nov 2019 − The acquisition of Papcel will give Bellmer a stronger foothold in the markets in Eastern Europe and Russia. » more

British Resource Association to close at the end of the year

29 Nov 2019 − The British Resource Association will be closing on 31 December 2019 due to changing priorities for its members which, at a time of economic uncertainty, have less demand for the cross-sectoral policy work that has...» more