Columbia Pulp to start-up new straw pulp mill in Q1 2019

11 Jan 2019 − Columbia Pulp is setting up a new pulp mill, which uses straw as a raw material. The 140,000 tpy mill is to start up soon.» more


China adds to its list of approved CCIC offices

10 Jan 2019 − More branches of the CCIC, which is authorised to inspect solid waste, including recovered paper, to be exported to China, have been approved. The new list includes a Spanish branch.» more

Cereal starch prices unchanged in first-quarter contracts

10 Jan 2019 − Producers of native wheat and corn starch failed to meet their price targets for the first quarter of 2019.» more


Receding prices for all pulp grades

08 Jan 2019 − Pulp prices are still showing signs of weakness after they started to fall in November. First contracts showed reduced prices for December.» more

Sequana requests to suspend trading of shares

07 Jan 2019 − Sequana has requested Euronext Paris to suspend trading of its shares on the Paris Stock Exchange, pending press releases to be published by the company over the coming days.» more