Billerud Korsnäs: Swedish Competition Authority approves sale of Bergvik Skog Öst

05 Jul 2019 − Bergvik Skog Öst comprises 350,000 hectares of forestland. Pension fund AMF will acquire 89,9 % of the company's shares for SEK12.2bn.» more


Market players discuss cuts to GC board prices in Germany

03 Jul 2019 − Lower pulp prices and subdued demand are increasing downward pressure on folding boxboard board prices. » more

Indonesia introduces ISRI standards for recovered paper imports

02 Jul 2019 − After reversing course in spring, Indonesian authorities will now introduce more inspections and require compliance with quality standards for recovered paper imports.» more

Downward slide for cereal starch prices continues in third quarter

02 Jul 2019 − As cereal starch is readily available, buyers achieve further price cuts in the third quarter.» more


Aurelius to divest solid board and packaging producer Solidus Board

01 Jul 2019 − Aurelius to part with its investment in Solidus Solutions after four years. The sale will increase Aurelis' 2019 earning by €102m. » more

High stock levels continue to give buyers bargaining power on the pulp market

26 Jun 2019 − At the end of the third week in June by far not all negotiations on June prices were finalised, but producers said that in a few cases, agreement had already been reached.» more