Norske Skog takes more downtime at Golbey and Bruck

04 May 2020 − Norske Skog has to resort to further downtime measures in order to deal with the impacts of the coronavirus. PMs will be halted at Bruck and Golbey, while the Tasman mill has resumed operations.» more


Pro-Gest to start Mantua recycled containerboard mill before July

04 May 2020 − Provincial authority OKs capacity increase at Pro-Gest's recycled containerboard mill in Mantua. Authorisation process to be completed next week.» more

SCA restarts Ortviken paper mill after one-week downtime

30 Apr 2020 − More production downtime eventually to come if uncertainty on the publication paper market persist.» more

Jiangsu Oji Paper temporarily reduces pulp output

30 Apr 2020 − In reaction to the decline in demand for pulp in China, Jiangsu Oji paper temporarily reduces its pulp output.» more

Italy's fine paper markets hit hard by coronavirus crisis

29 Apr 2020 − Coated and uncoated woodfree paper mills across Europe are taking downtime to adapt output to reduced demand.» more


Restart of idled Nordic Kraft pulp mill runs into delays

29 Apr 2020 − The effects of the coronavirus pandemic will lead to delays in the start-up of the Lebel-sur-Quévillon pulp mill in Canada. The pulp mill is expected to resume operations in the third quarter.» more

Domtar announces further production stoppage

28 Apr 2020 − Another of Domtar's fine paper mills will be temporarily shut down due to declining demand. Production of woodfree uncoated paper will be reduced by around 75,000 t.» more

Stora Enso takes downtime at Oulu and Veitsiluoto mills

28 Apr 2020 − Stora Enso will curb fine paper output at the Finnish Oulu and Veitsiluoto mills due to weak market demand.» more