Consultation process on ICT mill in the UK launched


Italian tissue manufacturer Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti (ICT) has published more details of its plans for a new manufacturing site in Deeside, Flintshire in the UK and also launched a public consultation on these plans. The mill will be the group’s first tissue paper production and converting facility in the UK. It will supply products such as toilet paper and kitchen roll to the UK market.

According to the plans ICT published, the new site will be erected in three phases. In phase one, ICT will build up tissue production and conversion. This phase will comprise a pulp warehouse, a tissue paper mill, a storage for jumbo reels, a converting hall with a dispatch area, an automated 10 level finished product high bay warehouse, a water treatment plant as well as an office building and other facilities.

In the second phase, which will follow 12 months after the completion of phase one, ICT will build another facility for tissue paper production – an additional pulp warehouse, a tissue paper mill and a jumbo reels storage warehouse. The goal of phase 2 is to maximise output on the site, the company said.

The operations build in phase 1 and 2 will cover a surface of roughly 8,000 m².

Phase 3 will only be constructed if the facility needs to increase in size because of market demand for finished products. Phase 3 will deliver an additional pulp warehouse, a paper mill, a boiler room, a jumbo reels storage warehouse, a converting hall and an extension to the proposed finished products warehouse. The combined floorspace of phases 1, 2 and 3 combined totals roughly 12,000 m².

ICT did not indicate the capacity of the new mill or the investment sum, but stated that phase 1 operations would generate sales of roughly £1.5m. Total sales for the entire site would amount to £2.9m. Once in operation, the facility is expected to create 463 direct jobs.

The consultation on these plans will run until 21 October 2022, informs ICT. Following the end of the consultation, the company said it would incorporate feedback provided into the final plans, where possible, before submitting a planning application. More details can be found here:

Italian ICT Group operates facilities in Italy, Poland, France and Spain and produces over 620,000 tpy of tissue paper. The company currently sells relatively small volumes of tissue products to the UK via distributors.

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