Europapier Slovensko takes over Espack

Europapier Slovensko has announced the acquisition of business assets of Bratislava-based Espack.

For trading company Europapier Slovensko, the step is in line with its strategic goal to diversify and develop in related industries, in this case the hygiene, toiletries and food packaging markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Espack moved its employees and activities to Europapier's branch, which is also based in Bratislava, as of 4 July 2022. No financial details on the transaction were published.

Europapier has annual sales exceeding €28m and is a market leader in the sale of paper as well as a major player in the hygiene and cleaning chemicals markets.

Josef Misof, CEO of Europapier Slovakia, commented: "Espack is an important company in the food packaging sector. The company offers both hygiene and cleaning products, which fits perfectly into our current product portfolio. We are thus able to expand the product range for our existing customers and at the same time increase our market share by taking over Espack's customers."

In 2021, Europapier started operating in the food packaging segment when it took over Kikoshop. With the current acquisition of Espack, Europapier aims to increase its footing in the food packaging segment for the hospitality industry (hotel, restaurant, café, horeca) and resellers.

Vienna-based Europapier Group is an important wholesaler in Central and Eastern Europe. It has 1,000 employees, operates in 13 countries and has deliveries of around 549,000 t. The company is part of pulp and paper manufacturer Heinzel Group, which operates two other trading companies: heinzelsales and Bunzl&Biach.

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