Norske Skog: Saugbrugs SC paper machine PM 6 to stay out of production for a long period

One month after the Norske Skog Saugbrugs magazine paper mill in Halden, Norway, was hit by a major landslide, production on the mill's SC paper machine PM 6 is still down.

According to Norske Skog, PM 6 is expected to remain out of production for a long period as the building housing the paper machine as well as part of the machinery have been substantially damaged.

The extent and consequences of the landslide, however, are still being evaluated. The company was therefore unable to assess exactly for how long PM 6 would be out of production, a company spokesperson explained.

Norske Skog operates two paper machines with a total production capacity of some 360,000 tpy of SC paper for offset and rotogravure printing at the Saugbrugs mill. PM 6 has a trimmed width of 862 mm and is geared for a production capacity of up to 260,000 tpy. The mill's PM 4 has a trimmed width of 460 mm and can produce 100,000 tpy of SC paper. PM 4 was not affected by the landslide back in April and, according to information from sources close to the company, has continued producing both offset and rotogravure paper.

The Saugbrugs mill also houses a third SC paper machine, PM 5, which was shut down for good in 2021.

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