Reno de Medici Blendecques board mill hit by fire


The fire is under control and no employees were involved or injured , but production is temporarily suspended, says RDM.

RDM Blendecques recycled board mill in France was hit by a fire in the afternoon of 22 March. According to Reno de Medici (RDM), the fire involved the sheeting and finishing department and part of the warehouse. The mill's board machine did not experience any damag, but production was temporarily suspended, RDM announced.

At the Blendecques mill, Reno de Medici runs one board machine, producing up to 140,000 tpy of white-lined chipboard. The group is working on a contingency plan to manage and minimise any delays and/or difficulties, ensuring the continuity of supplies to its customers, RDM announced.

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