APP China to boost board capacity at its Guangxi mill


APP China is already supplying some 19,000 t of board per month to the European markets, according to the company.

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) plans to increase its production capacity for virgin-fibre board in China from 3.9 million t to 5.7 million tpy. To do so, the group is preparing a RMB8.8bn (approximately €1.1bn) investment at APP China's Guangxi site in southern China.

This expansion project will reportedly include two new machines with a total capacity of 1.8 million tpy of coated ivory board and virgin fibre board for food-packaging applications. The output of the Guangxi mill could increase to as much as 3 million tpy.

The group did not comment on the schedule for the project as this still was in very early stages.

APP China exported board to 110 different countries last year

The group's vision reportedly was to become the world's largest producer of board and the market leader in certain regional markets while respecting nature and the environment in the best possible way. In contrast to some other Chinese companies, which reportedly massively reduced their export volumes during the 2017 demand and price boom in China, APP said it remained loyal to its foreign customers.

In the January-October 2017 period, APP China sold some 950,000 t in export, of which 930,000 t was produced at its Ningbo site, the company said.

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