Burgo taking further downtime at Italian mills


Burgo has once again temporarily stopped production at its Mantua newsprint mill. The site will be down for one week as will the Avezzano CWF mill as of tomorrow.

Burgo is taking further downtime at some of its Italian mills. A spokesman for the Slc-Cgil union told EUWID that the machine at the company's newsprint mill in Mantua would be halted for one week as of today. Production at the group's woodfree coated paper mill in Avezzano is said to be stopped as well from 1 to 7 November. Burgo declined to comment on the matter.

The union spokesman reported Burgo had attributed the measures to a lack of orders. "The warehouses are full," he said.

At the Manuta mill, Burgo had already halted production for ten days at the end of September. It was possible, even if not definitely decided yet, that machines would be halted again at the beginning of December, another union representative said. As mentioned before, Burgo is said to consider stoppages for ten days a month until the end of the year at the site. The Mantua mill has a capacity of 160,000 tpy of newsprint.

In Avezzano, Burgo had recently shut down production of one of the mill's two paper machines. The mill now has a capacity of 150,000 tpy of woodfree coated paper.

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