Essity: Production at Lilla Edet up and running again after minor fire


Lilla Edet mill produces tissue for toilet paper sold under the Edet brand. Production was halted on one tissue machine due to fire, but was restarted within hours, Essity says.

Essity's Lilla Edet tissue paper mill in Sweden was hit by a minor fire on Sunday morning. The fire reportedly caused smaller damage on one tissue machine. The other two machines were not affected at all.

According to Essity, the fire was rapidly extinguished and the affected tissue machine was up and running again within hours. There were no injuries reported and Essity is now looking into the cause of the fire, a company spokesperson explained.

Essity well prepared for coronavirus panic buying

For weeks now, the COVID-19 epidemic is causing panic buying for sanitary and household paper products, especially toilet paper. Photos of empty supermarket shelves are shared on social media around the globe, increasing the panic buying and making people stock even more on toilet paper and tissue products in general.

Essity said it was witnessing an expected increase in demand for consumer tissue in several European markets due to coronavirus panic, but it had no issues in meeting these demands. The group has reportedly taken a variety of measures at the production units to ensure the health and safety of the employees and is running without difficulties in raw materials supply, production and deliveries so far.

"At the moment we have no disruptions in production, for any of our products, due to the coronavirus anywhere in Essity," the company spokesperson stressed.

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