Finnish Forest Industry Association on impact of war in Ukraine


The Finnish pulp and paper industry is currently not seeing any direct impact of the war in Ukraine, but is closely monitoring the situation.

Please find below the interview with Mika Mäkinen, Finnish Forest Industry Association.

Mr Mäkinen, what kind of impacts of the war in Ukraine on your member companies can you already see?

The Finnish forest industry is not currently subject to direct international sanctions, but sanctions against the financial sector may affect business and cash flows in Russia. The full impact of current and potential future sanctions and countersanctions will only be known as the situation develops. Our member companies are closely monitoring the situation and making further decisions as needed and as for example UPM, Store Enso and Metsa Group already have announced.

What kind of impact on sales and deliveries do you expect?

As our largest member companies are publicly listed, we have to refrain ourselves from speculating on anything that might have an effect on market, prices, stock value…

How much wood, pulp, paper and board is being imported and exported to and from Russia and Ukraine?

Today about ten percent of the wood used is imported from Russia. About half of the wood imported from Russia is birch fiber and a third is softwood chips. Significant users are pulp mills, but Russian wood also ends up in woodchip boilers for heat production.

Mr Mäkinen, thank you very much for the interview!

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