Italian coreboard prices soaring along with gas prices


The fourth quarter saw strong demand and substantial price increases for coreboard in Italy. However, since gas prices exploded, this did not transalte into high margins for suppliers.

A turbulent 2021 is drawing to a close on Italy's coreboard market. Prices have never risen as quickly and dramatically as they had done this year. Prices are clearly much more volatile than in recent years and showed particularly strong growth in 2021.

The steep rise in gas prices has forced coreboard manufacturers to adjust their sales prices in time and time again. Market players said that coreboard prices had leapt in the fourth quarter by unprecedented amounts. Mark-ups often took hold in two instalments split across October and November.

Althoug the massive leap in prices was mostly cost-driven, coreboard manufacturers stressed that demand had been very robust in recent months, too. They reported having a hard time completing their regular customers' orders and being unable to accept any additional orders.

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the coreboard market in Italy.

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