Logson Group completes acquisition of Jardin Corrugated Cases

With the acquisition of Jardin Corrugated Cases, Logson Group, UK's largest independent supplier of corrugated packaging, takes the first step into the integrated sector.

The Logson Group announces the acquisition of Jardin Corrugated Cases (JCC), an independent integrated facility based in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

According to Logson Group, JCC has a turnover in excess of £15m, with a leading position within the horticultural sector. The company manufactures and converts its own board at its 12,000 m² site in Cambridgeshire and mainly supplies customers in South East England. Kevin Hennessy, Jardin Managing Director, will continue to lead the business.

Alex Kelly, CEO of Logson Group added: "The acquisition of Jardin, in addition to our £15m investment plan this year, is a clear indication of our continued desire to grow within the UK market. Jardin represents our first step into the integrated sector, as well as enhancing our regional profile in the South East."

Jardin will join the three existing Logson brands of Board24, Boxes and Packaging and Cases24. Collectively they form a mix of companies offering a full range of corrugated packaging solutions from 17 locations across the UK.

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