Low order intake in many segments of UK paper and board market in January


In the first month of the new year, demand continued to be weak in many segments of the British paper and cartonboard markets.

Inventory destocking at numerous companies throughout the supply chain continues to have a major influence on the market, making it difficult to assess the actual demand right now. Many prices are under pressure and were reduced in January.

Although some respondents say that demand is better in the UK than in some continental European markets, most respondents in the British market for corrugated case material and corrugated products describe demand as sluggish. In the market for cartonboard as well, commentators report below-average order intake, with ongoing price pressure for GD and various divergent price movements for GC. There were downward price adjustments for publication paper at the beginning of the year, which slightly narrowed the price bracket, and a similar trend was seen in the woodfree papers segment. Some prices for February will be renegotiated in both segments and appear poised to head lower.


Please find the full market report in this week's issue, to be published on Wednesday 1 February.

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