Manufacturers set to further increase decor paper prices


Higher asking prices for decor paper motivated by cost explosion in raw materials.

Several decor paper producers have set their sights on seeking additional mark-ups in the next round of negotiations about deliveries in the fourth quarter after increasing their prices in the second and third quarters of this year.

By way of explanation, manufacturers underscored a sustained upward trend in raw material costs, titanium dioxide and eucalyptus pulp in particular. These costs have so far only been passed on to decor paper prices with a delay and not yet in full, according to EUWID sources.

Producers boost titanium dioxide prices in Q3 on limited supply

Titanium dioxide manufacturers have largely managed to institute the price hikes announced in May for the market in Europe, benefiting from strained supply during discussions about third-quarter pricing. This marks the sixth quarter in a row that titanium dioxide prices have edged higher.

Rutile pigments used in decor paper productions have thus seen a 45% price increase since the second quarter of 2016 and are now selling at prices lastly registered five years ago on the titanium dioxide market in Western Europe.

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