Mondi issues Covid-19 update


In a press release Mondi outlines its response to the Covid-19 crisis. The company's priorities are to secure the employees' safety while at the same time keeping products flowing to customers.

Please find the full statement here or below:

Mondi COVID-19 Update

As the global outbreak of COVID-19 continues to spread, we wanted to share how Mondi is addressing the challenge to ensure that the safety and health of our employees and their families is prioritised. We also recognise the importance of business continuity and serving our customers with products that are needed to sustain the public and the communities where we operate.

As a Group, we are in a strong position to face the challenges caused by this pandemic and are focused on our role in mitigating its impact. Not only do we make products that are essential to everyday life, including materials for personal hygiene products and packaging for food, consumer goods and online deliveries, we also have a responsibility to those communities where our mills contribute to providing essential services such as energy, heat, and waste water treatment.

Our people

Our first priority is the health and safety of our employees. Given the global nature of our business, we are working on a country by country basis to reflect the latest developments and protocols. This is an unsettling time for many and we are providing regular updates to our employees as the situation evolves.

We have created a multi-function response team who are closely monitoring the latest developments, assessing risks, providing guidance, and implementing preventative policies in line with individual government regulations and recommendations in the countries in which we operate. So far, we have taken the following central actions to support and protect our people:

  • Suspended all non-essential intercompany and international meetings, trainings and travel

  • Suspended internal / external conferences, plant tours and participation in trade shows

  • Set up a dedicated Covid-19 information site on our group-wide colleague intranet

  • Communicated hygiene policies and information campaigns to employees, contractors and our customers

  • Implemented remote working facilities for the majority of our office employees, actively encouraging home-working where feasible, in addition to social distancing and enhanced safety procedures in our plants

We have put a lot of good measures in place to address physical safety issues, but as we do not know how long the situation will continue, and with all the stresses that it brings, we are also paying attention to our mental health, sharing ideas and offering guidance on how to support each other and recognise when others are struggling.

Our business

Our business priority is to keep our products flowing to our customers while strictly following the rules and guidelines established by local administrations. Our local teams are empowered to take decisive action as needed, and our central teams are supporting local teams to make the right decisions in an agile manner.

The situation is changing daily, so we are communicating regularly to all our stakeholders from suppliers and customers to local communities and government.

It is times like these that reinforce the need for collaboration and teamwork. More than ever, we are sharing best practice as it evolves, building communities and networks to ensure we are all learning and supporting each other.We have already seen extraordinary acts of personal sacrifice, of kindness and of leadership from across our global network of 26,000 colleagues. We thank all our people and ask everyone who is connected to our business to stay safe, be patient and to support each other and our communities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with us through your usual channels.

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