Prices for brown recycled corrugated case material in the UK remained stable


Demand for printing and writing contiues to be slow, prices remain under pressure.

British prices for brown recycled corrugated case material have stabilised in May after plummeting in previous months. Many experts believe that prices have now hit rock bottom. List prices for cartonboard remain relatively stable, although insiders are reporting customer-specific and project-based discounts all over the place.

Weak demand continues to leave its mark on the UK’s printing and writing paper markets. On average, list prices for coated and uncoated woodfree paper are falling relatively moderately month after month, but many low-priced spot lots are doing the rounds. A large number of publication paper prices have been set in stone for a quarter, and they typically stayed the same. Buyers and sellers are in talks about lower prices across the board in the third quarter.

This article is an excerpt of our report on the UK paper and board market in the month of May. The full report and the EUWID Price Watch UK will be available to our subcribers tomorrow. 

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