Rottneros denies pulp mill sale reports


Pulp manufacturer Rottneros is denying reports by the Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri (DI) on the potential sale of some of its mills. No assignments have been given to advisors to dispose any of the group’s pulp mills, Rottneros stated in a press release. The company said it was merely in discussions to find alternative use for the CTMP equipment from the idled Utansjö mill.

Rottneros closed the 160,000 tpy Utansjö mill in the second quarter of 2008 due to dramatic rise in energy and wood prices. The pulp company originally planned to transfer the CTMP equipment to South Africa and to set up a 165,000 tpy pulp JV with the African forestry company NCT. JV plans in South Africa were shelved in 2010.

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