Sappi leaves Cham site in Switzerland, digital imaging business to be integrated into other company sites


Sappi will transfer former CPG digital solutions business to existing facilities in Europe, cutting 25 full-time jobs in Cham.

Last February, Sappi' had completed the acquisition of Cham Paper Group's (CPG) speciality paper business, including one finishing plant in Cham, Switzerland and two paper mills in Italy. Due to the expiring rental agreement, Sappi will have to leave the Cham site by the middle of next year and has chosen "to integrate the converting companies, the solution centre, the supply chain and customer service into existing Sappi Europe facilities," the company announced last week.

According to Sappi, the transfer of activities to other Sappi Europe sites would lead to a reduction of about 25 full-time jobs in Cham.

Through the acquisition of CPG business Sappi has added considerable production capacity in the speciality and packaging paper business. The Carmignano mill runs two paper machines, producing 100,000 tpy of as coated one side label and flexible packaging paper, paper for wet-glue and self-adhesive applications, and base paper for metalisation. Condino mill runs one paper machine and has a capacity of 60,000 tpy of glassine, super calendered and uncoated flexible packaging papers.

At the digital imaging finishing plant in Cham, Sappi has a staff of 35 and is converting base papers from Condino and Carmignano mills to produce 12,000 tpy of digital imaging paper.

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