Transport issues and good demand let RCP prices climb on the UK market


A lack of capacity for transporting freight by sea and land, which in turn is rooted in the severe shortage of drivers for heavy goods vehicles and the international maritime transportation crisis, continues to rule the roost on the British recovered paper market.

As a result, freight costs for haulage and sea containers continue to go up, which has started to have an impact on the pricing structure for recovered paper.

Mass recovered paper grades are still highly sought-after, especially in Continental Europe, but also on the domestic market. Germany was especially interested in sourcing mixed paper and board (1.02) and old corrugated containers (1.05) on the UK market, pushing prices higher again in September.

The increase in collection volumes of unsold magazines (1.06), sorted graphic paper for deinking (1.11) and newspaper (2.01) was not enough to satisfy robust demand from the graphic paper industry in the UK and abroad.

Additional price increases subsequently materialised in September and were very hefty on the export market, in particular.

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This article is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the UK recovered paper market in September.

Find the EUWID Price Watch UK for June in EUWID Pulp and Paper issue no 38/2021, which will be available to our e-paper and print subscribers as of 22 September.

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