Upgrade at Cartiera di Ferrara will raise coreboard capacity


<spanArial Narrow","sans-serif"; color:black" lang="EN-GB">An upgrade of the dryer section at Cartiera di Ferrara will improve the quality of the coreboard produced but also increase the Company's capacities for coreboard by 30 per cent.

Integrated Italian core producer Cartiera die Ferrara in Italy will upgrade its coreboard machine. This will, amongst others,increase the machine's capacity. However, a company spokesperson said that the focus was on improving the quality of the product.

Engineering company Toscotec, which has been entrusted with the upgrade, informs that the drying section of the coreboard machine is to be renewed. The measure would, amongst others, result in a 30 per cent increase in production capacity, the company said. The machine can currently produce 70,000 tpy of coreboard, according to Cartiera di Ferrara.

Cartiera di Ferrara aims to start up the upgraded machine at the end of August. Upgrade tasks are to be undertaken between the end of July and August in a three-week window when many companies take downtime in any case for the summer break. The summer promises to be weak this year as far as order inflow is concerned. Demand for coreboard and cores is witnessing a sharp downturn at the moment.

Cartiera di Ferrara produces coreboard and cores for different sectors such as the paper, textiles, stretch film and furniture industries. The company is very active on the export market and delivers not only to Europe but also to North African and South American markets. Cartiera di Ferrara operates one plant in Ferrara in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region.

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