UPM to rebuild effluent treatment plant at Pietarsaari pulp mill


UPM is currently reviewing its water management and efficiency in material use at several paper mills in Europe. Now, the company has decided to invest in effluent treatment at the Finnish Pietarsaari mill.

UPM is undertaking a construction project at its Pietarsaari pulp mill to rebuild the mill’s effluent treatment plant. The EUR 30 million investment will cover the rebuild of all of the main phases of waste water treatment. The work is to start immediately and is planned be completed at the end of 2013.
”With the rebuild of the effluent treatment plant we will improve the pulp mill’s production efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. The rebuild will also enable further development of the mill in future”, says the mill’s General Manager Kenneth Winberg.
The construction includes a new preliminary clarifier for fibres and an aeration basin, created mainly by excavating rock. The pumping station and compressor house will be completely new constructions.
UPM Pietarsaari pulp mill is one of the big pulp mills in Europe with an annual production capacity of around 800,000 tonnes of softwood and hardwood pulp. The pulp mill employs about 300 people.

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