Woodfree uncoated paper producers launch new price hike initiative


The price hike attempt targets deliveries as of the start of the second quarter.

European woodfree uncoated paper producers are set to further increase their selling prices amid rising costs. At the end of February and beginning of March, two producers have launched a new price hike initiative for WFU paper grades.

Portuguese producer The Navigator Company, one of the leading uncoated woodfree paper suppliers, announced a price increase of up to 5 per cent from 25 March for all of its WFU printing and writing papers. According to Navigator, prices are to rise both in Europe and on international markets. The price adjustment was necessary due to higher input costs, the company said, adding that the increase was also announced against the background of recovering demand.

In a separate statement, Italy's Burgo Group announced plans to increase prices for its entire woodfree uncoated paper product range by up to 7 per cent effective from April 2024 deliveries. The price increase was "due to the continuous pressure on input costs" and would be applied in all European and overseas markets, the company announced.

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