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SCA to file environmental permit application for Östrand biorefinery project

14 Mar 2019 − SCA plans to produce bio-based transportation fuels and green chemicals at the industrial complex in Östrand. » more


Rottneros, Preem and RenFuel to create lignin production plant for biofuels

25 May 2018 − More lignin plants with a total capacity of up to 300,000 tpy are to be established in the foreseeable future» more

SCA and St1 to build joint biofuel plant in Gothenburg

22 May 2018 − Tall oil from SCA's kraft pulp mills will serve as biofuel feedstock for the new facility.» more

Austrocel to increase dissolving pulp capacity and enter biofuels production

20 Apr 2018 − Total investment at the former Schweighofer Fiber mill in Hallein amounts to €60m. » more