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Burgo Ardennes mill suspends production amid Covid-19 concerns

21 Mar 2020 − Pulp, paper and packaging industry in Europe is feeling the effects of coronavirus pandemic as it is looking to guarante health and safety of employees. » more


Burgo and Lecta announce higher prices for fine paper

03 Mar 2020 − Two more suppliers have informed their customers of imminent price increases of 5-7 per cent for both coated and uncoated woodfree sheets and reels. » more

Burgo Verzuolo resumes recycled containerboard production

24 Feb 2020 − Recycled containerboard production at Burgo's Verzuolo mill in Italy is up and running again after 10-day downtime due to water treatment issues.» more

Burgo forced to interrupt containerboard
production at Verzuolo mill

11 Feb 2020 − In the midst of the start-up phase, Burgo had to stop production at the Verzuolo containerboard mill due to a problem at the waste water treatment plant. Production will be down for ten days.» more