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Papierfabrik Koehler upgrades PM 5

22 Nov 2019 − Engineering company Voith has received an order from Papierfabrik August Koehler to modernise fine and specialty paper machine 5.» more


Resolute FP indefinitiely idles Augusta newsprint mill

19 Nov 2019 − Newsprint: Between January and September 2019 Resolute Forest Products has taken 124,000 t of downtime in a try to adjust output to receding demand.» more

Ence resumes production at Navia mill after rebuild

18 Nov 2019 − Ence has increased its capacities for eucalyptus pulp at the Navia mill in Spain. After a rebuild, the facilities can now produce 80,000 tpy more pulp.» more

Green light for softwood pulp mill project
at Lebel-sur-Quévillon mill

13 Nov 2019 − Plans for the restart of the idled Lebel-sur-Quévillon pulp mill in Canada are ongoing. Nordic Kraft will receive state aid and the project, which will bring new capacities for softwood pulp, was now made official. » more