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High caustic soda supply triggers further price cuts at the turn of the year

14 Jan 2020 − Experts warn of continued price erosion on the NaOH market in Western Europe due to increased output and cheap imports.» more


Ample supply and new capacity trigger price movement on the wheat starch market

18 Dec 2019 − As the year comes to a close, a battle for market shares and customers has erupted among native starch suppliers. The recent increase in wheat starch supply and a stagnating demand from paper mills are having an impact...» more

NaOH manufacturers try to reverse price trend in October

07 Oct 2019 − In the caustic soda (NaOH) market, manufacturers have announced a price increase for deliveries from October 2019. » more

European Commission to take decision on titanium dioxide classification before end of October

02 Oct 2019 − Nine member states against its classification as a hazardous material» more